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Basic Mennonite library for MB congregations

January 31, 2014


The Mennonite story is a wonderful story. It is a story of over 450 years spanning many continents and cultures. It is a story rich in heroic figures and stirring commitments. Like the story of the Children of Israel, it is the story of God’s presence, grace and faithfulness.

This small listing of books and websites about the larger Mennonite and the more specific Mennonite Brethren world is intended to assist congregations and individuals in developing a basic library of Mennonite reference works. There are items here that are appropriate for the life-long member and the newcomer. Reading these materials or visiting these websites will help all to become better informed about this particular Christian faith tradition. Those books that are readable online through the Open Library are indicated.

The listing is short and selective. There are many other fine books that could be included. We have included here those that the Historical Commission recommends for library development.

Overviews of Mennonite history

  • An Introduction to Mennonite History. Edited by Cornelius J. Dyck. Herald Press, 1993.
  • Kraybill, Donald B. Concise Encyclopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.
  • Loewen, Harry and Steven Nolt. Through Fire and Water: An Overview of Mennonite History. Herald Press, 1996.
  • Redekop, Calvin Wall. Mennonite Society. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989.
  • Roth, John D. Stories: How Mennonites Came to Be. Herald Press, 2006.


  • Bender, Harold S. The Anabaptist Vision. Herald Press, 1955.
  • Braght, Thieleman J. van. The Martyrs Mirror. Herald Press, 1972.
  • Spiritual Life in Anabaptism. Edited by Cornelius J. Dyck. Herald Press, 1995.
  • Estep, William R. The Anabaptist Story. 3rd ed. Eerdmans, 1995.
  • Anabaptism in Outline: Selected Primary Sources. Edited by Walter Klaassen. Herald Press, 1981.
  • Oyer, John S. and Robert S. Kreider. Mirror of the Martyrs. Good Books, 1990.
  • Snyder, C. Arnold. Anabaptist History and Theology: An Introduction. Pandora Press, 1995.
  • Snyder, C. Arnold. Following in the Footsteps of Christ: the Anabaptist Tradition. Traditions of Christian Spirituality. Orbis Books, 2004.
  • Snyder, C. Arnold and Linda Huebert Hecht. Profiles of Anabaptist Women: Sixteenth-century Reforming Pioneers. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1996.
  • Weaver, J. Denny. Becoming Anabaptist: The Origin and Significance of Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism. Herald Press, 1987.

Mennonite Brethren Church

  • Dueck, Abe J. Moving Beyond Secession: Defining Russian Mennonite Brethren Mission and Identity, 1872–1922. Kindred Productions, 1997. Read onlineOutside link
  • The Mennonite Brethren Church Around the World: Celebrating 150 Years. Edited by Abe J. Dueck. Kindred Productions, 2010.
  • Renewing Identity and Mission: Mennonite Brethren Reflections After 150 Years. Edited by Abe J. Dueck, Bruce L. Guenther, and Doug Heidebrecht. Kindred Productions, 2011.
  • Toews, J. B. A Pilgrimage of Faith: The Mennonite Brethren Church, 1860–1990. Kindred Productions, 1993. Read onlineOutside link
  • Toews, John B. Perilous Journey: The Mennonite Brethren in Russia, 1860–1910. Kindred Productions, 1988. Read onlineOutside link
  • Bridging Troubled Waters: The Mennonite Brethren at Mid-Century. Edited by Paul Toews. Kindred Productions, 1995. Read onlineOutside link
  • Mennonites and Baptists: A Continuing Conversation. Edited by Paul Toews. Kindred Productions, 1993. Read onlineOutside link
  • For Everything a Season: Mennonite Brethren in North America, 1874–2002. Edited by Paul Toews and Kevin Enns-Rempel. Kindred Productions, 2002.
  • Leaders Who Shaped Us: Canadian Mennonite Brethren, 1910–2010. Edited by Harold Jantz. Kindred Productions, 2010.
  • Jost, Lynn and Connie Faber. Family Matters: Discovering the Mennonite Brethren. Kindred Productions: 2002.

Mennonites in Europe

  • Klassen, Peter J. Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.
  • Testing Faith and Tradition. Global Mennonite History Series: Europe. Edited by John Lapp and C. Arnold Snyder. Good Books and Pandora Press, 2006.
  • Journeys: Mennonite Stories of Faith and Survival in Stalin’s Russia. Edited by John B. Toews. Kindred Productions, 1998.

Mennonites in North America

  • The Mennonite Experience in America series
    • MacMaster, Richard K. Land, Piety, Peoplehood: The Establishment of Mennonite Communities in America, 1683–1790. The Mennonite Experience in America, vol. 1. Herald Press, 1985.
    • Schlabach, Theron F. Peace, Faith, Nation: Mennonites and Amish in Nineteenth-Century America. The Mennonite Experience in America, vol. 2. Herald Press, 1988.
    • Juhnke, James C. Vision, Doctrine, War: Mennonite Identity and Organization in America, 1890–1930. The Mennonite Experience in America, vol. 3. Herald Press, 1989.
    • Toews, Paul. Mennonites in American Society, 1930–1970: Modernity and the Persistence of Religious Community. The Mennonite Experience in America, vol. 4. Herald Press, 1996.
  • Mennonites in Canada series:
    • Epp, Frank H. Mennonites in Canada, 1786–1920: The History of a Separate People. Macmillan, 1974.
    • Epp, Frank H. Mennonites in Canada, 1920–1940: A People’s Struggle for Survival. Herald Press, 1982.
    • Regehr, T. D. Mennonites in Canada, 1939–1970: A People Transformed. Mennonite Historical Society of Canada, 1996.
  • Canadian Mennonites and the Challenge of Nationalism. Edited by Abe J. Dueck. Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, 1994.
  • Loewen, Royden and Steven Nolt. Seeking Places of Peace. Global Mennonite History Series: North America. Good Books and Pandora Press, 2012.
  • Reimer, Margaret Loewen. One Quilt, Many Pieces: A Guide to Mennonite Groups in Canada, Herald Press, 2008.

Mennonites in other regions

  • Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts. Global Mennonite History Series: Africa. Edited by John Lapp and C. Arnold Snyder. 3rd ed. Good Books and Pandora Press, 2006.
  • Churches Engage Asian Traditions. Global Mennonite History Series: Asia. Edited by John Lapp and C. Arnold Snyder. Good Books and Pandora Press, 2011.
  • Mission and Migration. Global Mennonite History: Latin America. Edited by John Lapp and C. Arnold Snyder. Good Books and Pandora Press, 2010.
  • Wiebe, Paul D. Heirs and Joint Heirs: Mission to Church Among the Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh. Kindred Productions, 2010.

Mennonite theology and biblical studies

  • Finger, Thomas N. A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology: Biblical, Historical, Constructive. InterVarsity Press, 2004.
  • Geddert, Timothy J. All Right Now: Finding Consensus on Ethical Questions. Herald Press, 2008.
  • Isaak, Jon. New Testament Theology: Extending the Table. Cascade Books, 2011.
  • Kraybill, Donald B. The Upside-Down Kingdom. Herald Press, 2011.
  • Lederach, Paul M. A Third Way. Herald Press, 1980.
  • Martens, Elmer A. God’s Design: A Focus on Old Testament Theology. 3rd ed. BIBAL Press, 1998.
  • Murray, Stuart. The Naked Anabaptist: the Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith. Herald Press, 2010.
  • Roth, John D. Practices: Mennonite Worship and Witness. Herald Press, 2009.

Mennonite peacemaking

  • Driedger, Leo and Donald B. Kraybill. Mennonite Peacemaking: From Quietism to Activism. Herald Press, 1994.
  • Loewen, Jacob A. and Wesley J. Prieb. Only the Sword of the Spirit. Kindred Productions, 1997. Read onlineOutside link
  • Roth, John D. Choosing Against War: A Christian View. Good Books, 2002.
  • Yoder, John Howard. The Politics of Jesus. 2nd ed. Eerdmans, 1994.
  • Yoder, John Howard. What Would You Do? Herald Press, 1992.

Mennonite mission, witness, and service

  • Penner, Peter. Russians, North Americans and Telugus: The American Mennonite Brethren Mission to India. Kindred Productions, 1997.
  • Anabaptism and Mission. Edited by Wilbur Shenk. Wipf and Stock, 2001.
  • A Table of Sharing: Mennonite Central Committee and the Expanding Networks of Mennonite Identity. Edited by Alain Epp Weaver. Cascadia Publishing House, 2011.


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