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Profiles of Mennonite Faith

Profiles of Mennonite Faith is a series of biographies about Anabaptists and Mennonites who, in various ways, exemplified Christian faithfulness. Produced by the Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission, these biographies are published on a quarterly basis and distributed free of charge to Mennonite Brethren congregations for use as bulletin inserts. The following biographies have been produced:

Current issue
Latest issue
No. 61
Spring 2017
Henry J. Schmidt: Fun-loving Evangelist and Educator (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Previous issues
No. 60 Fall 2016
Peter Wiens & Georgi Vins: Faith Strengthened by Trial (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 59 Spring 2016
Ron Wiebe: Visionary Prison Warden (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 58 Fall 2015
Susan B. Peters: An Adamant Voice for Peace (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 57 Spring 2015
Ann Klassen Wiens: Missionary Advocate and Friend (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 56 Fall 2014
Masaru Arita: A Japanese Good Shepherd (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 55 Spring 2014 Bena and Emma Bartel: Missionary Stories that Continue to Inspire (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 54 Fall 2013 Mennonite conscientious objectors (COs) during World War Two (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 53 Spring 2013 Dan Friesen (1911–1998): The People’s Pastor (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 52 Spring 2012 Elfrieda Dyck (1917–2004): Willing Servant, Influential Leader (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 51 Winter 2012 Abel P. Ballem (1907–1999): Invited into God’s Story (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 50 Fall 2011 David Johann Klassen (1899–1990): A Thorn in the Soviet Side (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 49 Summer 2011 Marie Wiebe (1912–1985): That Impulsive Marie (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 48 Spring 2011 C. N. Hiebert (1881–1975): Servant of the People (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 47 Fall 2010 Henry G. Classen: City Missionary in Vancouver (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 46 Summer 2010 Katharina Reimer Claassen: Faithful Disciple in Mennonite Brethren Beginnings (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 44/45 Winter/Spring 2010 The Mennonite Brethren Church: How it all Began (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 43 Summer 2009 Peter H. Wedel: Pioneer Missionary to the Cameroons (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 42 Winter 2009 David B. Wiens: Pastor and Radio Minister (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 41 Summer 2008 Orlando Harms: Editor, Publisher, Minister (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 40 Winter 2008 Henry and Maria Wiebe: Mental Health Pioneers (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 39 Fall 2007 Nzelenga Philippe: Pioneer Congolese Pastor (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 38 Summer 2007 Robert & Myrtle Unruh: Agra-missionaries (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 37 Spring 2007 Anna J. Thiessen: City Missionary (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 36 Winter 2007 John B. Toews (1906–1998): Church Statesman (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 35 Summer 2006 Clayton Kratz: Went to Russia 1920 (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 34 Spring 2006 Esther (Hiebert) Horch: A Gifted and Generous Woman (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 33 Winter 2006 Abraham E. Janzen: Educator and Missions Promoter (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 32 Fall 2005 Abram H. Unruh: “A Model Teacher and Preacher” (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 31 Summer 2005 Anna Kröker: “It is the Lord” (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 30 Spring 2005 Rondo Horton: “Moses on this Mountain” (PDF for printingAdobe Acrobat)
No. 29 Winter 2005 Jacob and Anna Dick: From Exile in Russia to Missionary Work in India (PDF for printingAdobe Acrobat)
No. 28 Fall 2004 Heinrich Voth: Founder of the Mennonite Brethren Church in Canada (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 27 Summer 2004 Peter C. Hiebert: Combining Word and Deed (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 26 Winter 2004 Amanda Dohner: Mother to Orphans (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 25 Fall 2003 Adolf Reimer: Proclaiming the Good News to the Destitute (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 24 Summer 2003 Tarnikal: “Jesus is Coming Again to Our Village”
No. 23 Spring 2003 Kasai Kapata: Faith Overcomes Terror
No. 22 Winter 2003 Helena von Freyberg: Woman of Noble and Spiritual Stature
No. 21 Fall 2002 Paulina Foote: Under God’s Hand
No. 20 Summer 2002 Cornelius A. & Elizabeth (Dyck) DeFehr: Combining Service and Business
No. 19 Spring 2002 Kornelius Isaak and the Moro Spear
No. 18 Winter 2002 Cornelius & Agnes Wall: Steadfast Commitment
No. 17 Fall 2001 David Dyck: Tireless Church Builder
No. 16 Summer 2001 Anna Brons: A Gift from a Woman’s Hand
No. 15 Spring 2001 Menno Simons: The New Birth
No. 14 Winter 2001 Mary J. Regier: A Life of Generosity
No. 13 Fall 2000 Loyal Bartel: Costly Faith in China
No. 12 Summer 2000 Helena Wieler Martens
No. 11 Spring 2000 Standing Up to the Ku Klux Klan: Mennonite Missionaries in North Carolina
No. 10 Winter 2000 Peter Braun: Dedicated Teacher
No. 9 Fall 1999 Anna Bartsch
No. 8 Summer 1999 C. F. Klassen: “Gott Kann”
No. 7 Spring 1999 Katharina Schellenberg: Continuously on Call
No. 6 Winter 1999 Jerome Segers and Lijsken Dircks
No. 5 Fall 1998 Benjamin B. Janz (1877–1964)
No. 4 Summer 1998 Annie and the Titanic
No. 3 Spring 1998 Peter Martinovich Friesen: Advocate for the Oppressed
No. 2 Winter 1998 Magdalena Hergert Becker (1878–1938)
No. 1 Fall 1997 Dirk Willems: A Heart Undivided

For more information about this project, please contact Jon Isaak, executive secretary of the Historical Commission.

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