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Profiles of Mennonite Faith

Profiles of Mennonite Faith is a series of biographies about Anabaptists and Mennonites who, in various ways, exemplified Christian faithfulness. Produced by the Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission, these biographies are published on a quarterly basis and distributed free of charge to Mennonite Brethren congregations for use as bulletin inserts. The following biographies have been produced:

For more information about this project, please contact Jon Isaak, executive secretary of the Historical Commission.

Current issue
Mennonite Mental Health Services
No. 64
Fall 2018
Mennonite Mental Health Services: Compassion at Work (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Previous issues
Katie Funk Wiebe
No. 63
Spring 2018
Katie Funk Wiebe: A Woman’s Voice to the Church (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Fred Stoesz
No. 62
Fall 2017
Fred Stoesz: Hard-driving, Deep-loving Inner-city Missionary (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Henry J. Schmidt
No. 61
Spring 2017
Henry J. Schmidt: Fun-loving Evangelist and Educator (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Georgi Vins
No. 60
Fall 2016
Peter Wiens & Georgi Vins: Faith Strengthened by Trial (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Ron Wiebe
No. 59
Spring 2016
Ron Wiebe: Visionary Prison Warden (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Susan B. Peters
No. 58
Fall 2015
Susan B. Peters: An Adamant Voice for Peace (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Ann Klassen Wiens
No. 57
Spring 2015
Ann Klassen Wiens: Missionary Advocate and Friend (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Masaru Arita
No. 56
Fall 2014
Masaru Arita: A Japanese Good Shepherd (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Bena and Emma Bartel
No. 55
Spring 2014
Bena and Emma Bartel: Missionary Stories that Continue to Inspire (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 54
Fall 2013
Mennonite conscientious objectors (COs) during World War Two (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Dan Friesen
No. 53
Spring 2013
Dan Friesen (1911–1998): The People’s Pastor (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Elfrieda Dyck
No. 52
Spring 2012
Elfrieda Dyck (1917–2004): Willing Servant, Influential Leader (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Abel P. Ballem
No. 51
Winter 2012
Abel P. Ballem (1907–1999): Invited into God’s Story (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
David Johann Klassen
No. 50
Fall 2011
David Johann Klassen (1899–1990): A Thorn in the Soviet Side (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Marie and Joe Wiebe
No. 49
Summer 2011
Marie Wiebe (1912–1985): That Impulsive Marie (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Helen and Cornelius Hiebert
No. 48
Spring 2011
C. N. Hiebert (1881–1975): Servant of the People (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Henry and Sara Classen
No. 47
Fall 2010
Henry G. Classen: City Missionary in Vancouver (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Katharina Reimer Claassen
No. 46
Summer 2010
Katharina Reimer Claassen: Faithful Disciple in Mennonite Brethren Beginnings (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Conference of MB Churches delegates
No. 44/45
Winter/Spring 2010
The Mennonite Brethren Church: How it all Began (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Peter H. and Martha Wedel
No. 43
Summer 2009
Peter H. Wedel: Pioneer Missionary to the Cameroons (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Rev. David B. and Mary Wiens
No. 42
Winter 2009
David B. Wiens: Pastor and Radio Minister (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Orlando and Erna Harms
No. 41
Summer 2008
Orlando Harms: Editor, Publisher, Minister (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Maria and Henry Wiebe
No. 40
Winter 2008
Henry and Maria Wiebe: Mental Health Pioneers (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Nzelenga Philippe
No. 39
Fall 2007
Nzelenga Philippe: Pioneer Congolese Pastor (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Myrtle and Robert Unruh
No. 38
Summer 2007
Robert & Myrtle Unruh: Agra-missionaries (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Anna J. Thiessen
No. 37
Spring 2007
Anna J. Thiessen: City Missionary (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Nettie and John B. Toews
No. 36
Winter 2007
John B. Toews (1906–1998): Church Statesman (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Clayton Kratz
No. 35
Summer 2006
Clayton Kratz: Went to Russia 1920 (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Esther and Ben Horch
No. 34
Spring 2006
Esther (Hiebert) Horch: A Gifted and Generous Woman (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Abraham and Zola Janzen
No. 33
Winter 2006
Abraham E. Janzen: Educator and Missions Promoter (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Abram and Katharina Unruh
No. 32
Fall 2005
Abram H. Unruh: “A Model Teacher and Preacher” (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Anna Kröker
No. 31
Summer 2005
Anna Kröker: “It is the Lord” (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Rondo Horton and Ruth Whittington
No. 30
Spring 2005
Rondo Horton: “Moses on this Mountain” (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Jacob and Anna Dick and family
No. 29
Winter 2005
Jacob and Anna Dick: From Exile in Russia to Missionary Work in India (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Heinrich Voth
No. 28
Fall 2004
Heinrich Voth: Founder of the Mennonite Brethren Church in Canada (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Peter C. Hiebert
No. 27
Summer 2004
Peter C. Hiebert: Combining Word and Deed (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
The orphanage at Gnadenau
No. 26
Winter 2004
Amanda Dohner: Mother to Orphans (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
Adolf Reimer
No. 25
Fall 2003
Adolf Reimer: Proclaiming the Good News to the Destitute (PDFAdobe Acrobat)
No. 24
Summer 2003
Tarnikal: “Jesus is Coming Again to Our Village”
Kasai Kapata
No. 23
Spring 2003
Kasai Kapata: Faith Overcomes Terror
Helena von Freyberg
No. 22
Winter 2003
Helena von Freyberg: Woman of Noble and Spiritual Stature
Paulina Foote
No. 21
Fall 2002
Paulina Foote: Under God’s Hand
Cornelius & Elizabeth DeFehr
No. 20
Summer 2002
Cornelius A. & Elizabeth (Dyck) DeFehr: Combining Service and Business
Kornelius Isaak
No. 19
Spring 2002
Kornelius Isaak and the Moro Spear
Cornelius & Agnes Wall
No. 18
Winter 2002
Cornelius & Agnes Wall: Steadfast Commitment
David and Helena Dyck
No. 17
Fall 2001
David Dyck: Tireless Church Builder
Anna Brons
No. 16
Summer 2001
Anna Brons: A Gift from a Woman’s Hand
Menno Simons
No. 15
Spring 2001
Menno Simons: The New Birth
Mary J. Regier
No. 14
Winter 2001
Mary J. Regier: A Life of Generosity
Loyal Bartel
No. 13
Fall 2000
Loyal Bartel: Costly Faith in China
Helena Wieler Martens
No. 12
Summer 2000
Helena Wieler Martens
Peter and Katherine Siemens and family
No. 11
Spring 2000
Standing Up to the Ku Klux Klan: Mennonite Missionaries in North Carolina
Peter Braun
No. 10
Winter 2000
Peter Braun: Dedicated Teacher
Bartsch family
No. 9
Fall 1999
Anna Bartsch
C. F. Klassen
No. 8
Summer 1999
C. F. Klassen: “Gott Kann”
Dr. Schellenberg (left) with patient
No. 7
Spring 1999
Katharina Schellenberg: Continuously on Call
Antwerp prison
No. 6
Winter 1999
Jerome Segers and Lijsken Dircks
B. B. Janz and family
No. 5
Fall 1998
Benjamin B. Janz (1877–1964)
Annie and the Titanic
No. 4
Summer 1998
Annie and the Titanic
Peter and Susanna Friesen
No. 3
Spring 1998
Peter Martinovich Friesen: Advocate for the Oppressed
Magdalena Becker (centre front row), A. J. Becker (second left back row)
No. 2
Winter 1998
Magdalena Hergert Becker (1878–1938)
Etching of Dirk Willems
No. 1
Fall 1997
Dirk Willems: A Heart Undivided